Fashion Show


At the REWA Anatolia Fair, immediately following the opening on the first day, the “One Step Upcycling Opening Fashion Show” provided colorful moments for participants and visitors. The show, featuring designs by musician and designer Sunal, created using paper, metal, plastic, and textile waste, offered a feast of sustainable fashion to attendees. This highlighted the significant carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions caused by the overproduction driven by the growing desire for fashion and consumption, particularly in the context of the recent surge in fast fashion and excessive consumption.

Who is Zeliha Sunal?

Zeliha Sunal first encountered the microphone on the TRT Izmir Radio’s “Children’s Hour” program. She started playing the guitar with the lessons she received at the public education centers of the time. While studying at the Teacher Training School, she participated and received awards in many inter-high school music competitions with her orchestra. Zeliha Sunal, who played guitar and sang in amateur groups for a long time, worked in Izmir for 5 years with her own orchestra, which was the first step of her professional music career. In 1988, she went to Ankara to work with the Group Angora orchestra.

Between 1988 and 1992, she performed at state organizations where many country leaders were hosted. She made music on TRT Ankara Television’s programs such as Tele Holiday, From Sunday to Sunday, and Towards 24. She was an orchestra soloist on TRT Ankara Radio’s “Weekend” program. In 1993, she moved to Istanbul. She was an orchestra soloist on music entertainment programs of Kanal D and HBB Televisions. She worked with her own orchestra, Group Çağrışa, on the “Night Coffee” program broadcasted by TRT Television. She appeared as a presenter and soloist on the “Weekend” program prepared by TRT Izmir Television.

Zeliha Sunal performed concerts with the Istanbul Metropolitan City Orchestra, Ankara Metropolitan City Orchestra, TRT Light Music and Jazz Orchestra, and an orchestra named Group Çağrışa. She is currently working with an Orchestra named Z/Project. She has given concerts in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, Mexico, Alma-Ata, Bishkek, Baku, Rhodes, Cyprus, St. Petersburg, Varna, Hurghada, Cairo, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Monaco, Düsseldorf, Hamm, and Munich.

She hosted a traffic-themed program on TRT 2. She was the producer, presenter, and soloist of the program “Zeliha with Every String Every Language” broadcasted on TV 8. In 2009, she prepared and presented a program called “Magic Closet” on Flash TV. In 2010, she was the music director and a jury member of the Cyprus Star Song Contest broadcasted on Cyprus Young TV. She is currently a board member at POPSAV. She has worked as a radio programmer at TRT City Radio Istanbul.

She served as the Chairman of the Audit Committee for four years in the management of Müyorbir and is a music writer for

You are invited to our fair to witness this unforgettable fashion experience!