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Welcome to Solis Fairs and Consultancy Services Inc.

As Solis Fairs and Consultancy Services Inc., it is our principle to protect the privacy of our web page visitors. Solis Fairs and Consultancy Services Inc., acting as a responsible exhibition organizer for all your personal information that is shared with us, takes all the precautions, and executes the needed technical and software-related actions in the case of loss and change of information.

Our web page includes connections with websites that are equally safe to provide correct information to our users. However, Solis Fairs and Consultancy Services Inc., cannot be held responsible for the content and privacy policies of related websites. Using our website means that you have read, comprehended, and confirmed our privacy policy. In case of any cooperation demand from judicial and administrative authorities, we are allowed to share your personal information in accordance with related laws and regulations.

Impersonal data are anonymous, and they do not define you personally. These data are stored in our databases automatically. These data include your legal name and address, your telephone number, your e-mail address, the name of your internet service provider, your IP address, the version of your web browser, the operating system of the computer you are using to reach our site, web pages that direct you to our site, the pages that you visit when you are on our web page and the keywords that you use to reach our website.

You may receive commercial e-mails and e-bulletin regarding our commercial activities for information purposes with your permission. If you accept joining our pre-approved e-mail system, our associated partners are allowed to send you notifications about events, products, or services, which you may be interested in. You can cancel your e-mail subscription whenever you want without providing any reason.


Cookies are text files, which enable web pages to recognize regular web page users while providing simplicities for the visitors entering the website. They are text files stored in users’ computers in order to develop web page contents and collect bulk data. Cookies are used in order to provide you with content, which is compatible with your needs and interests. The data transferred to us via the cookies is not used for any promotion purposes. Solis Fairs and Consultancy Services Inc. uses these cookies to observe the digital behaviors of users. This data is not shared or sold to third parties. You can delete all the cookies in your computer on your internet browser or reach us at to avoid future cookies.