REWA Anatolia - Recycling and Waste Management Fair and Conference will be Open for Visitors at the Adana TÜYAP from February 15-17.

In an effort to contribute to the fight against climate change and the green transformation process for a sustainable future, the REWA Anatolia – Recycling and Waste Management Fair and Conference will take place from February 15-17, 2024, at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Adana. Organized by Solis Renewable Hub, the event is supported by Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the Governorship of Adana, Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, and the Adana Chamber of Commerce.

REWA Anatolia provides an opportunity to discover the future technologies, services, and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors. Over 80 participating companies are expected, along with more than 5,500 sector professionals from across the world, including Europe, Asia, and Africa, to visit and develop new commercial partnerships. The fair will feature the latest technologies and services in “Waste Management, Recycling, and Disposal Solutions,” “Urban Waste Management, Transport and Cleaning Vehicles, Equipment and Technologies,” “Facilities, Machinery and Equipment,” “Consultancy and Professional Services,” and “Sustainability” solutions and technologies.

Adana’s First Sustainability Fair: REWA Anatolia

Feraye Gürel, General Manager of Solis Exhibitions and Consultancy Services Inc., shared that REWA Anatolia is organized amidst the world’s growing concern over climate change and global warming, primarily caused by human activities. Despite seeming minimal, the impact of a 1.5-degree increase in global temperature is significant, with waste contributing to the irreversible pollution of water, soil, and air resources. Solis Renewable Hub decided to organize the REWA Anatolia – Recycling and Waste Management Fair and Conference in Adana, a leading industrial city with advanced manufacturing infrastructure, ongoing mega projects, and a young and dynamic population, supported by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the Governorship of Adana, the Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB), and the Adana Chamber of Commerce (ATO).

Over 5,500 Visitors from Four Continents

Gürel stated that their motto, “Local Solutions, Global Impact: REWA Anatolia Adana,” reflects their belief that while waste problems are global, effective solutions require the supportive implementation of both local and global measures. This year, REWA Anatolia aims to host over 5,500 sector professionals from four continents, with more than 80 participants in the fair.

REWA Anatolia Adana Positioned as a Hub for the Ecological Recycling Ecosystem Highlighting the crucial role of local governments in waste management, Gürel expressed strong belief in the strategic partnership with the Adana Metropolitan Municipality. Efforts are underway to include metropolitan and district municipalities from all 81 provinces in REWA Anatolia, with support from AOSB, ATO, and the Governorship, enabling manufacturing industries and firms operating in recycling and waste to participate as both exhibitors and visitors.

As a leading trade platform, REWA Anatolia positions itself as a center of attraction in the ecological recycling ecosystem, catering to industry leaders, stakeholders, policymakers, engineers, OSB officials, public institutions, and local authorities.

Over 100 Expert Speakers in More than 25 Sessions

The REWA Anatolia Fair, taking place at TÜYAP Adana from February 15-17, 2024, will also feature parallel conferences and B2B meetings, offering valuable opportunities to address significant issues such as the restoration of terrestrial, hydrosphere, coastal, and urban areas, and the adoption of circular economy principles in sectoral supply chains. The REWA Anatolia Conference will host over 100 high-level regional, national, and international experts across 25 sessions.

32.3 Million Tons of Waste Collected by Municipalities

According to the latest data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), a total of 104.8 million tons of waste was generated in 2020 from manufacturing industries, mining operations, thermal power plants, organized industrial zones (OSBs), health institutions, and households, marking a 10.5% increase from 2018.

Waste services were provided in 1,387 of the total 1,389 municipalities. Of the 32.3 million tons of waste collected, 69.4% was sent to regular storage facilities, 17% to municipal landfills, 13.2% to recovery facilities, and 0.4% was disposed of by open burning, burying, or dumping into rivers or land. The average daily waste collected per person was calculated at 1.13 kg.

127.4 Million Tons of Waste Processed in Waste Treatment Facilities

Of the 127.4 million tons of waste processed in waste disposal and recovery facilities, 78.3 million tons were disposed of, and 49.1 million tons were recovered. The total processed waste increased by 22% from 2018. The total capacity of regular storage facilities was identified at 1.2 billion m3. In 174 regular storage facilities, 77.8 million tons of waste were disposed of, including 31.9 million tons of hazardous waste. Co-incineration facilities with waste recovery licenses incinerated 1.3 million tons of waste for energy recovery. Other licensed waste recovery facilities, excluding compost and co-incineration facilities, recovered a total of 47.6 million tons of metal, plastic, paper, mineral, and other wastes.


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